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All Things Considered

If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there.

Pathos Girl
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When I became an English prof
And started reading to expand my view,
I learned a lot of nifty stuff
From subtle scholars, Oh, so new.

For Rhetoric, the writers in 3-C's annouce
Is brother to the ancient rune
And sister to the sun-bleached skull,
The skylark, phases of the moon.

To all things, anthropology and law,
The muse of Rhetoric is prime--
Linguistics, sociology, and gym,
Histology, geology, and thyme.

The lowly ballad is rhetorical,
And sonnets only somewhat less;
All things that have beginnings, middles, ends--
Petroleum Engineering and Loch Ness.

If I may add a humble note--
A point I scarcely need to prove--
Psycho-kinetic is our Rhetoric;
It has the power to make pens move.

~ D. M. Catron